Speaking of Kindness…

I watched the news last night…. I know…. big mistake…. but there is so much anger and fear regarding the issue of health care. Actually, those two emotions seem to run deep in the country right now, no matter the issue. It also occurs to me how the online social networks have grown at the same time we are in an economic downturn. Frankly, I am embarrassed by what I see on television. The conspiratorial part of me says the anger is stirred by political machinary more intent on winning an argument regarding power than in solving problems. The more rational side thinks the town hall meetings have become a pressure release for people afraid of losing control of their lives and what is left of their savings.

Have we forgotten that our lives are more than what we have stored away?
Have we become so independent that we’ve lost the principal of shared lives except on the screen of a computer or TV?
Have we become so short sighted that we forget that the resources of God never run out?

We will begin to come out of this downturn…I refuse to call it a crisis… when CEOs and top management of corporations choose to see themselves and the staff at the other end of the company structural chart as part of a team. When they choose to cut their own salaries instead of staff until business picks back up.

When young people become friends with senior adults and realize the vulnerability they so desperately feel.

When our government stops playing games of win and lose, and starts playing win/win in a sustainable manner.

Ok… I just woke up…. rapid eye movement has been replaced with bleary vision. Back to reality….

But…. What if hope started with taking our online conversations to voice-to-voice conversations and then to face-to-face conversations? What if we broke bread together? What if we actually prayed together? Really began to show kindness to one another? Made connections… picked up the newspapers when our neighbor went on vacation….. grew community gardens…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ


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