Say it Ain’t So, Brett…

I used to be a Brett Favre fan. Not a Packer’s fan, mind you, but a Favre fan. Favre was the perfect quartback and team player. A linebacker in a QB body. He loved contact and competition. He acted like a kid on a muddy field with his buddies, joking, talking trash, and playing…. incredibly. He wasn’t afraid to gamble on his arm strength. He was brash and confident. He gave credit to his offensive line. He seemed to know what football is about. He understood that football is the ultimate team game. Individual talent is great, but if you don’t have strong teammates, your talent is wasted. Ask Archie Manning…. or Dan Marino….  I mean, quarterbacks are important, but it doesn’t matter how strong the arm or quick the ability to read the defense, if you don’t have time to throw. Or defense, no matter how prolific the offense, soring points is not a big deal if your defense can’t stop the other team…. just ask Trent Green. It takes every player to prepare to be successful.

Attitude and interdependence are huge parts of a successful team. Working, sweating, bleeding, fighting, running, during 2-a-days is where teams are built. So when Brett Favre comes waltzing into camp with his bravado….here’s the cavalry…. it instills cracks in the foundation that is formed and molded in training camp. I understand that talent is always king in sports. But character runs the country.  Confidence is built when players know they can count on each other to reach deep within themselves for something extra when times are hard,

A quarterback needs to lead. Leadership is built on respect, trust, and confidence. The players of the Minnesota Vikings can say they don’t care when Favre comes into camp… that he is a Hall-of-Famer… but that will mean nothing if a playoff berth is on the line, and he throws two interceptions because he is trying to play a real-life Madden 2009.

So, Brett, if you’re listening… Go home. You may be able to play in the games, but your team needs your leadership at practice. You love to play the game? Go play with your kids….


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