Questions…Feel Free to Add Your Own

Why is the loudest voice we hear usually ours?

Where do talents come from and how do they grow?

Why doesn’t Washington work?

Can law and justice ever co-exist?
Do economies have cycles that are observable?
Can rich and poor live together in respect and honor?
When will NCAA Division 1 Football have a playoff?
Can we ever rise above our personal genetic code?
Why do Rice Krispies snap, crackle and pop?
Why are some folks morning people and others night owls?
Why do people with ADHD get distracted yet people with OCD can’t?
Is boredom a lack of things to do or of motivation?
Is the emergent movement in the church something new or a version of something old?
Can Christians get along with each other without the force of external persecution?
Can something new be born without the death of something old?
Is organic REALLY better?
Are chemicals REALLY bad?
Is “The Rapture” really a scriptural concept or just the dream of a little girl?
Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?
Why do people return to vinyl records when digital music is so much clearer?
Is the neighborhood coffee shop the new “Cheers?”
Does Johnson CountyKansas not have more public transportation options because the residents don’t want people who use public transportation to live there?
What would it take for the court system to be a place for justice rather than simply winning or losing?
What would it take for the political system to be a place for public service rather than gaining power?
Are the kingdoms of men ever redemeable this side of heaven?
Are we tough enough to live simply?
Can kindness and politeness coexist?
Is love blind?
Why did The Doobies break up?
Why isn’t a remix plagerism?

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