It Is What It Is…

For much of my life, I lived looking for more… and the “more” was always future oriented. Whether it was work, play, or whatever. I wasn’t alive in the present. Obviously I lived in the present… we live in the past or future only in our imagination… but the habit of being fully alive in the present and openning our senses to whatever is around us is a discipline and habit. I want to learn that. I’m doing a better job of it. Actually, I think crisis does an incredible job of jerking our attention into the hear and now. We then choose to embrace that or deny it and make our own reality through retreat into…. whatever…. self-medication, usually, but self-medication doesn’t have to mean a substance. A new relationship can also be a means of self-medicating. Whatever the “drug” of choice is, the reason is to dull the pain and distract us from introspection and how long the process may actually take. But… when we allow ourselves to take life as it is, we open ourselves to fully experience the suffering, but also the joy within the suffering. God blesses life when we accept it as He has given it and choose to be thankful… to see the beauty that is there.

Living in the present does NOT mean we stop planning… it means we stop controlling. We concentrate on the empowering relationships in our life… God first… our family… our friends… and ourself. Learning to live in the now, means we begin to identify and accept the gifts God gives us:

The Gift of Himself

The Gift of Me… our gifts, talents, passions, value, etc.

The Gift of Others… friends, family, etc.

I have needed to love “what is.” To see God as a gracious giver, rather than a withholder of what I wanted. What’s interesting, is that as I have begun to see what He has given, what I want changes! And that is incredible! How I see life changes… How I respond to life changes… I am more patient to see His hand at work rather than trying to manipulate circumstances to meet my own needs or wants. The world becomes a friendlier place.

However, this is all a habit of thinking. It takes practice… a changing of perspective… you remember…. you forget…. you remember…. That’s also “What Is…”


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