Spring For A Day….

Another old Facebook note….

I took a short ride on the bike down a bike trail to a seat on the side of the trail. Created for middle-aged men getting winded on their 2 mile run, I’m sure. This particular trail, (maybe it’s THE trail, this is Johnson County…land of SUV’s, mini-vans and limited public transportation) runs by Indian creek. Its a nice, asphalt trail which goes through trees and is very pleasant. (Although I take the same trail through the trees at night and it is pretty dark! One night I saw a couple of flashlights moving on the trail ahead of me and police cars behind the shopping area behind which the trail is located.

I shouted, “Hello?”

A voice returned, “It’s the police.”

Still riding, I asked, “Is there a problem?”

“No, its alright…” I passed by and then, “…but if you see two black men, give a shout!”

To myself, “You mean if I can still say anything…”)


I’m reading a book, well…a couple of books, actually… “The Rise of the Creative Class” and I read while watching the parade of people out enjoying the 60 degree weather. People of all ages, riding bikes, running, walking, talking on their cell phone. I am always curious about the lives of people when I watch them… (that sounds a little creapy)

Why are they not working or watching TV?
What is their family like?
Are they funny?
Do they like movies?
How do they determine their priorities?


Maybe they just wanted to get out in the beautiful day, to reconnect to their bodies and the world in which they live. There were some that seemed to make regular exercise a daily part of their lives. Especially the ones with bicycle helmets on and spandex outfits, complete with bright colored clothing. They wear bright colors probably to stand out from the background and be seen by traffic. But, really, this trail is CLOSED to vehicles…. Oh well, to each their own. I respected the man jogging at a slow pace, very much overweight, dressed in a white t-shirt and old athletic shorts and new shoes. Breathing very hard. It takes a certain amount of courage to run in the beginning, when you most need to. Suppressing the imagined thoughts about what others are thinking, yet determined to keep going.

It also takes courage to sit and watch others exercise…or at least that is what I told myself….


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