More Questions….

Just a preliminary note: I love questions. In a spiritual sense, I think the questions we ask of our lives and the way we interact with the many facets of our life, begin to peel away the onion skin of what we truly believe. We all have faulty beliefs. But we aren’t aware of them. Life happens in a way that challenges our beliefs and system of beliefs from which our actions and perceptions of our environment come. Dad always used to say that “we all have blind spots.” And that is true. Spiritual Formation is the process in which we interact with ultimate reality. We are each formed spiritually. It is an ongoing process. But  how intentional are we in the process? Do we ever think about it, let alone take active steps in the process? Are we open or closed to our changing environment? And where does our relation to God or the concept of God interact with our perceptions? So here are some questions to think about:

Do I have value?

What defines my value?

How does what I feel about my value affect how I relate to other people?

How long can I do nothing?

Do I feel guilty doing nothing?

Is time a commodity or a tool?

Are people a commodity?

How is failure a tool?

Do I derive my value from external sources or is my value innate to my being born?

Is there anything that can affect my value?

How are my actions related to my perception of my value?

What do I feel God thinks about me?

If people could hear my thoughts, would they think I am kind to myself or a task master?

Is it OK to be kind to myself?

Do I take time to celebrate, or do I immediately prepare for the next BIG THING?

Do I allow myself to grieve significant losses?

Am I a survivor or a victim?

What is the difference?

What are my three greatest treasures in life?

How would my life suffer if I lost one of my treasures?

How do I think someone else would define me?

Am I better at first impressions or the long haul?

When am I most me?

What makes me laugh?

Am I OK with saying, “I don’t know….?”

Do I have to have the right answer?

In what relationship am I most vulnerable?

Do I feel like God loves me?

When does God love me?

How does it feel when I fail?

Does God care about my performance?

Why or why not?


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