Words for a New Millenium…And Their Definitions

Blogstipated– The internet version of writer’s block

Statusfied– When you are happy with the creativity of your facebook status line.

Statusenvy– When you find a friend with a more creative status line.

Irancontradiction– The many cell phone videos posted on YouTube showing the horrendous actions the “freely elected” dictatorship visited upon opposition party members during the demonstrations before, during, and after the Iranian election.

MySpaceforrent– The neglected MySpace page you never go to because you’re spending so much time on facebook and Twitter.

Stalemail– An email you have ignored for so long that you are embarrassed to respond.

ITdiocy– New upgrades in the software programs at work that don’t work as well as the former program.

Tweetsticles– Someone who makes bold statements on Twitter could be said to have these.

Moronmail– a voice mail on your cell phone left by someone who thinks you can hear the message and are refusing to pick up the phone.

FO– The button you press on your cell phone that sends the call to voice mail when you read the number of the person leaving the last moronmail message on your phone.

Skypesex– Needs no definition…

iClones– Anything that isn’t made by Apple.

Conswervative– A Republican running for national office who tries to convince people that he/she is a moderate with conservative leanings.

Las Wall Street– And they say Vegas is a gamble…

Bonus– What hourly employees get on  payday. Formerly a pay check.

Gaulimony– The extra compensation banking executives get when their company needs to be bailed out by taxpayers to keep them in business then won’t make loans to employers so they can stay in business and then have to lay off the taxpayers who are paying for the bail out.

User Friendly– The plethora of internet dating websites.

PC flu– How dare you call it swine….

Sext– Skypesex requiring more imagination…

Wykipediac– a person making additions to Wykipedia which brings nothing new to the definition, but wants to feel intelligent.

Anti-Christian– A follower of Obama. (It’s a joke, OK!)

Foxaganda– Programing on Fox News channel.

Sellebrity– Parents of the Balloon Boy, Jon, Kate, Octomom, and every person seeking a reality TV program.


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