It Was Good…

Christmas was good…

I very much enjoyed the time together with everyone. On Wednesday, Greta came out to take Hannah and me to see “The Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock……(was there anyone else in the movie?) Great movie, btw. Greta paid for the movie, and I paid for dinner at Spin afterwards. Greta suggested I take her back to Independence, about 40 minutes away, and use her car for work the next day. I had planned to go to the Christmas Eve service at my church (Indian Creek Community) and wanted Baird and Hannah (my kids) to go with me. So Greta suggested I use her car to get Baird and Hannah, then come to Loy’s house afterwards. That was the plan.

The Christmas Eve service was fun because my kids were with me. I enjoyed taking them a tour of the building…. I love the design… modern cool. Anyway, it was sleeting before we went inside and snow was forecast for afterward. We were supposed to get 2-3 inches… Wrong! When we left the service, huge Alaska-flakes (although I have never been to Alaska, but they must have been Alaska-flakes, because they were as big as Sarah Palin’s ego….) And it was beautiful! Greta’s car is really a Geo Tracker. Light weight, rear-wheel drive, not really good in poor weather. But, I have driven in nasty weather, and kind of enjoy the challenge, and it’s better than a bike, and she didn’t have to offer. So we left, took our time, and talked. I love and respect my kids. Both are intelligent and very different from the other, and that’s even better. When we are together, Baird is usually the more vocal and Hannah is confident enough to listen and chip in on occasion. It was a fun drive! Sharing a mild adventure with my kids.

At one point during the evening, I received a text from Greta:

“I would really like the 3 of you to not die this Christmas…..”

So Baird called and asked if anyone had a chain to pull us out of the ditch… but the laughing in the background gave away the joke.

We finally reached Loy’s, and found we needed some food, so Baird and I went back out to get some pizza and, of course, Egg Nog!

Scott, Greta’s boyfriend, asked if we wanted to borrow his SUV…

Thanks, but the Geo will be fine…

Baird laughed and totally expected me to respond that way. (He wondered if there would be a “pissing contest” at some point during the holiday… No.)

So, pizza and egg nog for Christmas Eve… Perfect!

And it snowed… all night it snowed.

We woke the next morning with about 6 inches on the ground, and intermittent new snow which brought the total to about 10 inches. I awakened at about 8 am. I looked outside, Loy was shovelling a path so he could take his dog, Sterling- a Schnauser, out to do his business. Scott came across the street from Greta’s house and talked to Loy for a couple of minutes and borrowed his snow shovel and retreated across the street to shovel Greta’s walks and porch… Upon seeing Loy outside shovelling and Scott taking the shovel, I felt a pang of guilt… “I should shovel Loy’s walk and driveway…” Then…

Ahh, ahh, ahh…. No pissing contest!

So I started to get ready for the day. Later, I went out for a walk in the beauty. A cold wind blew from the Northwest. People were out shovelling their walks, and I conversed with an older man down the street… nothing big, just a friendly chat about the weather. As I finished the walk around the block, I noticed that Scott had made a huge heart in Greta’s yard by tracing it out with footprints…

A little over the top, I thought.


So I went in Loy’s house and hung out until Scott came over and started making breakfast…

No pissing contest, Larry…

We ate… Good stuff. Scott cooks a mean breakfast. The rest of the morning was nice. Greta’s sister and nieces came over in the afternoon. A nice time. Talking, eating, openning presents… awkward… and then Baird and I went over to Greta’s to check email and hang out. A very nice time.

Scott is a nice guy. We got along well, in spite of the awkwardness. I wish them well. Greta is a very creative, intelligent, organized person. Scott compliments her well. I am glad for them… Really!

Ok… now let me come clean… I finished shovelling Loy’s driveway… and As we checked email, Baird and I finished a bottle of champaigne he brought. So I felt the weirdness, just a little. And we talked about new starts and theology and life in general. As we conversed, Greta texted me about taking her car for the week so I would have transportation while the weather was bad. Very nice of her…

Later, after everyone left, I was standing outside and thinking. I began to remember all the memories packed in the yard from 25 years of holidays. Somewhere within, a thought came unbidden: “You are really saying ‘Good-bye’”


Never thought of it that way. But it was true. It was like God knows the depths of me and brings up things I need to do even when I don’t realize it. The thought didn’t bring sadness, just a sense of leaving one place and stepping onto the path for the journey to a new place. Although I know I will see these people in the future, my kids will follow me on the journey, but the others will walk different paths.

That’s ok.

That’s life.

That’s good.

That’s God.


One thought on “It Was Good…

  1. I liked you boggle Larry. I talked to your mom yesterday and she told me about your and Bill’s bog. Showed a nice faithful mature person after going through what you have been.

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