I Was Wrong…

Ok… I admit it… Brett Favre SHOULD have come back for this past season. Although the Vikings didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, they were a better team with Favre than they would have been without him. That was my biggest question before the season started:

Would Brett Favre become part of the TEAM, or still be seperate?

Could he modify his game to fit within the talents of his teammates?

Frankly, I thought the media attention would become divisive. It never did, at least in a way that became public, as it did with the Jets. Maybe that had at least as much to do with the character of Vikings players as it did with Favre. I was impressed how Brett limited his interceptions, a consistent problem through the years. Unfortunately, his penchant for playing against some fundamentals, did lead to a game ending interception towards  the end of regulation against the Saints. Brett has always rolled one way and thrown back across the field… into the middle. Its usually a poor decision. Not how quarterbacks are schooled. But Favre made it work enought times to keep the habit in place.

I have always loved watching Brett Favre play football. He loves it like a kid who draws up plays in the dirt, gets hit after he throws the ball, gets up with his elbows and knees skinned, and a broad smile on his face. Favre talked trash in a good natured way. He appeared to be a gracious winner and loser. He loved the GAME! Being on the field. Loved great plays. He seemed to be able to be a fan and player at the same time, appreciating the opportunity of playing the game he loved and getting paid to do it.

I suspect this will have been his last season. I hope, for his sake, that it will be. Your body wears out, and his took a pounding in his final game.

But I’m glad he played this year….


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