Everybody Loves a Party…

I have enjoyed watching how the players of the New Orleans Saints have represented their city. It has been endearing to see each one acknowledge the responsibility they felt to win the Super Bowl for the city of New Orleans. And I certainly drank the Kool Aid! I was impressed with how the players and coaches performed. They were both confident and humble. They took risks and were aggressive, but not reckless. They were Champions on several levels, both on the field and off. And now New Orleans is celebrating!

I watched a PBS news program the other day and saw a couple of New Orleans local media personalities interviewed about the effect the Saints victory was having on the city. While listening to their responses, I began to think how much better reality can be than fiction sometimes. One media guy has a radio call-in show. He poignantly spoke about how the racial and economic divisions had been bridged by the love of fans for their team. What divided dissolved in the face of a common love… or the divisions were at least set aside. Maybe, as these fans begin to celebrate together, personal connections might happen. How cool would that be?

I think God likes it when we celebrate. I think he realizes that we need to celebrate. A good party lightens us up. It helps us to draw near to other people. Fun can cover a multitude of differences… as can grief. Maybe there is value in parties and funerals as a means to draw us together.

To help us see our similarities rather than our differences.

To redefine our shared priorities.

To reconnect with our shared beginnings and endings.

To acknowledge we are all both wonderful and dreadful.

To communicate both the  finiteness of life and infinity of our souls.

The writer of Ecclesiastes spoke about the proper timing of everything in life. How cool is it for God to watch the celebration of our love for even the insignificant events in life and accept it as thanks? How much better is it for us to understand the goodness of God as we celebrate…

… and to make our fun a prayer of gratitude?


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