A Dream Shared…

I was thinking about dreams the other day. Most of my dreams seem to be about:

how things SHOULD be…

what it would be like if…

one day I see myself…

how would the world be better…

life would make more sense if…

Well…. to be honest…. there is also the one where I have a cup of coffee with a certain brunette… but…. nevermind.


Sometimes these kinds of thoughts begin with a picture of what life COULD be like. Some kind of deep longing brings a picture of a better tomorrow. I suppose if I were to classify dreams, I would choose at least two categories:

Personal Dreams and Dreams in Community…

Personal dreams are the ones in which your personal passions find their deepest expression through activities or events which touch something deep within. These dreams certainly may be shared, but I suspect they are linked with those closest to us. The hope for these dreams tie our talents and interests to a certain type of life… a creative force deep within which desires to be unleashed in order to grow and bear fruit. They are different in that they come from who we are and with the promise of self-fulfillment and the expression of which brings a joy and contentment with who we are created to be. We lose track of time in the expression of these dreams. They are unique to “me” and their expression brings deep joy which comes from the very doing because it comes from our “being”. Artists know these dreams, as do athletes, or anyone who puts their whole being into the doing of something.

Dreams in Community are ones which capture a certain vision which is generative and draws people together. These dreams call forth a better world in which others share. They draw on the experiences of ourselves and others to form healthy, growing communities.

In “The Call”, Os Guiness quotes T.E. Lawrence from his book, “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”:

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake to find it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.” pg 175

I think most dreams begin in tension between what is and what could be. It is easy to be a bit embarrassed about our dreams; even to ridicule them: “Surely someone has thought about this before. It probably isn’t possible…” Society certainly can add to our own ridiculing inner voice. How many inventors are scared off by the crowd of wiseguys, who roll their eyes, shake their heads, and speak disparagingly while sitting on their courage… Or, even worse, the people who smile condescendingly, nod politely, while waiting for the dreamer to leave so they can begin to laugh…

Sharing a dream can be kind of scary.

Sometimes, a dream shared can turn into a dream lost. The movie “Social Network” purports to tell the story of a dream that was stolen. Depending on which person’s spin doctor you believe, the dream of Facebook was shared between four friends and either:

1. The idea was changed and developed into something better


2. The idea was stolen outright by a false, egomaniacal friend.

Now the dream is going to court to determine who really dreamed it and how much it will cost.

Certainly it could be said that at least one person connected with the invention of Facebook became a “dreamer in the day,” as Guinness puts it. It also can be observed that the sharing of the dream meant that the dream itself exploded into a much larger reality than any of the dreamers expected. Dreams which are shared can grow. They find other dreamers which add their own unique expressions to them. Facebook was and is an ongoing Dream in Community. When this kind of dreaming happens, the original dreamer must release their hold on the dream. Holding tightly to a Dream in Community strangles it. Actually, in order for the Dream in Community to become reality, it must be given away in faith to the One who gave the dream in the first place.

Sometimes, the greatest dreams…:


…can be dangerous to the dreamer:


Dreams carry risk. Dreams also carry with them a cost to the dreamer. The more important the dream and pervasive its impact; the greater the risk and the higher the price. Some dreams are perpetually unfolding, as a Morning Glory to the sun at dawn. However, the process of the unfolding introduces the sweet aroma of its beauty, and many share in the wondrous quality of it. Some dreams introduce each of us to others in deeper ways….

… or at least that is the hope of the dreamer…

…and the dream giver…


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