Regarding Being a Man…

The following are some things I have learned about being a man:

  • Sometimes, a man’s greatest strength is when he is gentle.
  • When a man uses the phrase: “…because I am a grown-ass man”, he belies the deeply held doubt that he is anything but…
  • Reading a book to children while using different voices for each character is great fun, and allows the child to embrace their imagination.
  • Embrace necessary risk, for by it growth occurs.
  • When the woman he loves wants and desires him sexually and intellectually, his self-esteem and self-confidence soars. When she doesn’t, they don’t.
  • Fun is  imperative!
  • Control and influence are connected… when one goes up, the other goes down.
  • It’s ok to be in the choir AND play football. In fact, it’s healthy.
  • I am more than my bank account!
  • Sometimes men AREN’T the ones having the affair.
  • Men and women CAN be friends…. but it can be tricky.
  • Allowing your kids to see you fail, and then get back up, teaches them how to succeed.
  • It’s ok to see God as both father AND mother.
  • Men grieve their weaknesses more deeply than they celebrate their strengths.
  • Pastor’s wives should always preach the Father’s Day sermon.
  • A beer between friends can be a great thing.
  • Being called “beefy” can be a really good thing, if the right girl says it…
  • NOT changing the oil in my pick-up, says nothing about my masculinity. It’s ok to pay somebody else to do it.
  • I don’t have to “fix it” for you… You are capable of doing it, while I support you.
  • Allowing another person to use their strengths, doesn’t diminish mine.

2 thoughts on “Regarding Being a Man…

  1. Larry, Loved the list. I’m a woman who grew up very much in a “man’s world.” Most of my relatives were male and I’ve worked in male-dominate fields – I was actually given an “honorary man card” by a friend.

    While there are similarities that apply to both genders, I think relationships would be a lot easier if we took the time to understand the other viewpoint a little better. It would be nice if women received a list like yours, and men received a similar list. 😉

    • Denise,
      Thanks for your comment and perspective. I very much agree with you. I remember when my daughter was born I thought, “A girl? How am I gonna know what to do with a girl? I don’t know what its like to be a girl.” Thankfully, I made it through and didn’t completely screw her up! But I certainly am positive that coming to see a person of the opposite sex as a person, with unique…understandable… characteristics would be VERY helpful in how we relate to each other. Honestly though, I think we are confused about ourselves so much, that being able to share openly with each other about how we feel and think about life can be quite difficult. There would be great value in the conversation, even if it turned into shared ignorance, I think. I wish there were directions….. Somebody give me the directions! Although, I’m a man… I probably wouldn’t read them. Right? Or at least that is the stereotype… (said in a whisper: I read directions…. shhhhhh)

      And CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MAN CARD! How bout a beer after a game of pick-up basketball?

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