More Questions…

Why do some things begin so poorly, yet become good; while other things begin wonderfully, and trickle off into an unforseen disappointment?

Does anyone really understand love?

Are black holes the cosmological equivelent of hell?

Isn’t it amazing when God answers our questions… asked only of God… through other people?

Are books to the 21st century what buggy whips were to the 20th century?

When might failure be a success, while success can be a failure?

What percentage and parts of our brain do we use when we pray?

Is it solely a male trait to enjoy interacting with the world with our bodies?

What will happen to post-graduate, higher education if subsidised student loans cease?

If  women are valued in popular culture because of their appearance, are men similarly valued due to their financial means?

What are the sex-roles our society agrees on?

White meat or dark meat?



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