Can You Post a Comment From Someone Else’s Blog? I am…

I like Donald Miller’s books… Blue Like Jazz… Searching for God Knows What…. and his others also. Awhile back, he wrote about whether God needs us or not. You can read his post here:

The following is my comment in response to his post:

I used to work at an apartment complex for low-income senior adults. I loved it! I remember one Valentine’s Day, I was walking into the cafeteria and met one of the women who lived there and I said, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” I then gave her a hug. She had lost her husband earlier in the year, and while we hugged, she said, “That feels SO good!” I hugged her specifically because I knew it would be a hard day for her. It was her first Valentine’s without her Valentine, and I knew it would be a difficult day. I never expected her comment, though. The physical act of affection felt good to her and she responded like a sponge to water.

I figured that was especially a female response to the absence of loving touch. However, the intervening years have brought divorce into my life. It has been a year and one-half since it was final, but that was preceded by some VERY bad days and lonely nights. Your post reminds me of that little lady’s comment, and of how I am now the sponge which feels dried out.

I believe God is love… but he needs human skin to contact human skin. That puts the life of Jesus in a different light, as well as the metaphor of the church as body. Love physically, neurologically changes us and we need to be loved and to love. The zeitgeist of our times in North America seems to be division, and I believe the church’s best revolutionary witness is to live lovingly with each other and people who not only don’t share our faith, but are antagonistic to our faith.

We are now God’s skin, and the world is dying to be touched.

Thanks for your post, Don, and I am really happy that you are in love!


One thought on “Can You Post a Comment From Someone Else’s Blog? I am…

  1. these things are so important in life ,in today’s world has time to even understand his own felling,

    some time ego become bigger then mountain and people become so far from each other,

    love is life but these little things really meant lager then life for humans

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