Is That a Swing Set?

Being a Christian is like being in a swing…
When I was a young child, I remember my dad and I would find a park, or school, and I would beg for him to push me on a swing. He usually obliged, and off we would go for a wonderful, scary adventure. Dad would begin to push while I would “help” by feverishly pumping my legs until I was juuuuust high enough for him to do what I loved most… He would give a big push, and then run under me as I soared in the air. We never had an accident, but I sometimes would begin to swing crooked and get dangerously close to either the other swings, or the posts at the end of the swing set. Still…. I loved it!
I will confess… the swing set of faith has me going forwards, backwards, up high, down low, and sometimes even side to side, with a fall from time to time. I am finding reminders, however, that no matter where I am, God is:
behind me…
below me…
beside me…
in front of me…
above me…
Although I don’t always hear or see God, I trust His presence, and am learning to not be freaked out by the backward/forward/side-to-side nature of life. It just takes time to remember, that’s all.

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