Happy Mother’s Day…

Here’s to all the mothers…

Here’s to the mothers that continue to love in the mundane, daily chores of raising children. The women who do the unseen things which are essential for the process of life.

Here’s to the mother’s who work both outside and inside the home, and do the difficult task of dividing their strength between both while many times feeling guilty in each. Give yourself grace on this day, and all the others, Mom!

Here’s to the single moms… May your energy expand as your “To do” list!

Here’s to the women who are making a relationship work with a husband (or boyfriend) and negotiate all the tricky relational issues of an intact family.

Here’s to the mothers of grown children. May you be a blessing to them and wise beyond your own understanding.

Here’s to the mothers of children that are angry and striking out at you in their actions and attitudes. May your courageous and tenacious love break through their defenses.

Here’s to mothers of boys. Your ability to allow them to test their masculinity, and not be afraid of it, will help them understand what a value being male is.

Here’s to mothers of girls. You teach them to value themselves, and not settle for being pigeon-holed by the culture. You teach them they are beautiful just as they are.

Here’s to older mothers who become mentors to younger women. You sit with them in both the unexpected and expected times of life, and allow your presence to be a safe place.

Here’s to the mothers going through a divorce they didn’t want and refuse to use the children as bargaining chips.

Here’s to all the women who bore their children with both discomfort and joy; then labored to deliver them into the world and rejoiced as they raised their voice… a brand new voice… into the world. Your labor continues throughout life and I celebrate your strength to continually bear your children up into new life and growth.

Here’s to mothers who are deeply in love. May your children bask in the warmth of your love. May they be comforted in its transcendence and may it create a safe place for them to continually turn when life hurts.

Here’s to you, Mom! May your children rise up and call you blessed!


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