A Man After My Own Heart…

Blue Eyes Seeing Clearly

I have been watching Ken Burns’ film series on America’s national parks. You can get information on it here: http://www.pbs.org/nationalparks/ I have never been to either Yellowstone nor Yosimite, but want to go to both. I have, however been to the Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountain National Park and understand how the grandeur of the natural world can affect a person. One such person was John Muir. Burns spends a significant amount of time detailing how the life and influence of Muir affected the beginnings of the National Park system.

Muir was a Scottish immigrant brought to this country by his parents while still a child. His father was a sternly religious man whose reason to leave Scotland was because the christian denomination they were attending wasn’t strict enough. They settled in Wisconsin and John was subjected to a mean-spirited variety of christianity (small “c” because I believe John’s treatment…

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