Images of God…

The following is an assignment for a class. If you are a bible reader, you might find the list interesting.


Genesis Images of God

The following is a list of the various images of God as I understand them in the book of Genesis. Beside each image is the reference:

Chapter 1:
God as Creator, Artist, Designer, Builder- Chapter 1 Overview
God as Observer- 1:4,10,12,18,21,25,31
God as Initiator of Life- 1:24-27
God as Organizer- 1:28-30

Chapter 2:
God of Order- Chapters 1 and 2 Overview
God as Finisher- 2:1
God as Rest- 2:3
God as Lord- 2:4
God as Sculptor- 2:7
God as Breath of Life- 2:7
God as Gardner- 2:9
God as Sovereign- 2:8,15 (“he put”)
God as Instructor- 2:9 (“tree of the knowledge of good and evil”)
God as Commander- 2:16
God as Co-Creator- 2:19-20
God as Co-Worker- 2:19-20
God as Searcher- 2:20
God as Surgeon- 2:21
God as Matchmaker- 2:22

Chapter 3:
God as Walker- 3:8
God as Wind- 3:8 (“breeze”)
God as Caller- 3:9
God as Questioner/Examiner- 3:11-13
God as Giver of Consequences- 3:14-19
God as Curser- 3:14
God as Initiator of Enmity- 3:15
God as Giver of Pain- 3:16
God as “Us”: Community of God’s Self- 3:22
God as Tailor- 3:22
God as Sender- 3:23
God as Angelic Commander- 3:24
God as Protector of Eden- 3:24

Chapter 4:
God as Fertility Specialist- 4:1
God as Mid-Wife- 4:1
God as Father/Husband/Lover- 4:1
God as Counselor/Advisor- 4:6-7
God as Preacher- 4:6-7
God as Investigator- 4:9-10
God as Observer of Human Action- 4:9
God as Avenger of Innocent Blood- 4:11-12
God as Hearer of the Guilty- 4:15
God as Restorer of a Life Taken- 4:25

Chapter 5:
God of the Generations- Chapter 5 Overview

Chapter 6:
God as Giver of Years- 6:3
God as Limiter of Years- 6:3
God with Emotions- 6:6
God of Grief, Remorse, and Regrets- 6:8
God the Destroyer- 6:13
God the Architect- 6:14-16
God the Covenant-Maker- 6:18
God the Savior- 6:18-21

Chapter 7:
God the Prophet- 7:4
God who Closes the Door- 7:16

Chapter 8:
God who Remembers- 8:1
God as Wind- 8:1
God who Restrains the Rain- 8:2
God the Sender- 8:16
God who Commands Animals to be Sexual- 8:17
God who Repents- 8:21
God who Promises Unending Earthly Rhythms- 8:22

Chapter 9:
God who Blesses- 9:1
God who Commands People to be Sexual- 9:1
God who Crowns Humanity as Prince/Princess of the Earth- 9:5
God the Bestower of Imago Dei- 9:6-7
God who Commands People to be Sexual- 9:7
God the Covenant-Maker with the Natural World- 9:9-11
God the Sign-Giver- 9:12-17

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:
God the Curious- 11:5-6
God the Confuser- 11:7
God the Scatterer- 11:8-9
Chapter 12:
God of Abraham- Overview of Chapters 12-50
God the Speaker- 12:1
God the Sender- 12:1
God the Revealer- 12:1
God of Abram- 12:2-3
God who Appears to Abram- 12:7
God the Giver of Lands- 12:7
God the Afflicter of Pharaoh- 12:17

Chapter 13:

Chapter 14:

Chapter 15:
God who Speaks in Visions- 15:1
God who Calms Fear- 15:1
God the Word- 15:1,4
God the Proclaimer of Human Righteousness- 15:6
God the Reminder of Divine Promises Kept- 15:7
God the Covenant-Maker- 15:9
God the Terrifying Darkness- 15:12
God the Teller of Futures- 15:13-16
God as Fire- 15:17
Chapter 16:
God who Sees- 16:13
God who Seeks the Runaways- 16:7
God the Namer of Sons- 16:11

Chapter 17:
God who Appears (Shows Up)- 17:1
God Almighty- 17:1
God that Gives a New Name- 17:5,15
God of Abraham’s Posterity- 17:2-8
God of Circumcision- 17:10-14
God of The Everlasting Covenant- 17:13
God of “No” and “Yes” Simultaneously- 17:18-20
God who Hears- 17:20
God that Leaves- 17:22

Chapter 18:
God as Three- 18:2
God who Questions- 18:8,14
God who Promises- 18:10
God who Knows and Hears- 18:13,21
God who Confronts with Truth- 18:15
God who Looks and Judges- 18:16-21
God who Hears the Outcry- 18:21
God who Spares the Wicked Due to the Righteous- 18:23-32
God who Listens and Changes God’s Mind- 18:23-32

Chapter 19:
God of Punishment- 19:15
God of Mercy- 19:16
God the Destroyer- 19:29
God who Remembers Abraham- 19:29

Chapter 20:
God the Jealous Husband- 20:3
God who Listens to Pagans- 20: 4-7
God who Keeps from Sin- 20:6
God who Honors Integrity in Pagans- 20:4-7
God that Heals in Response to Prayer- 20:17
God that Closes the Womb- 20:18

Chapter 21:
God the Promise Keeper- 21:1-2
God who Allows Personal Choice- 21:10
God the Calmer of Distress- 21:11
God the Hearer of the Voice of Children- 21:17
God the Opener of Eyes- 21:19
God the Everlasting God- 22:16-18
Chapter 23:

Chapter 24:
God the Rewarder of a Servant- 24:27

Chapter 25:
God who Answers Prayer- 25:21

Chapter 26:
God of Isaac- 26:2-5

Chapter 27:

Chapter 28:
God of Jacob- 28:13-17

Chapter 29:
God who Sees the Unloved- 29:31

Chapter 30:
God who Remembers the Barren- 30:22

Chapter 31:

Chapter 32:
God the Wrestler- 32:24-32

Chapter 33:

Chapter 34:

Chapter 35:
God the Caller to Worship and a Single Heart- 35:1-2
God the Re-Namer- 35:10-11

Chapter 36:

Chapter 37:
God the Dream-Giver- 37:5-11

Chapter 37-50:
God the Ghost-Writer

This is not an exhaustive list of the images of God in the book of Genesis, yet they amaze me in how some are quite clear, while others are subtle. They amazed me all the way through. I was intrigued in how there seemed to be so many in the earlier chapters, as if God were more visible and overtly involved. Yet after the narrative of Abraham, the stories become more about people, with images of God taking human form or appearing more subtly. I gather from this that God is increasingly seen in and through the lives and actions of God’s people. (God DOES show up again in the story of Moses in rather spectacular ways, but possibly for a similar purpose: to be known to people through God’s people, who have had more direct experience with God. But… that is another book, and its no fair peeking ahead.)